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tion unit

auxiliary products


service function



cobalt acetate


used as catalysts for px oxidation unit of pta unit in chemical fiber factories.

manganese acetate

liquid catalyst of cobalt or manganese

styrene unit

polymerization inhibitor


it possesses the properties as follows:

  1. the high efficiency on polymerization inhibition property which can realize excellent polymerization inhibition with a relatively small amount to be added;
  2. obviously decreasing the formation amount of polymers in distillation system;
  3. increasing the yield rate of styrene distillation;
  4. obtaining styrene with higher purity;
  5. significantly reducing the formation amount of tar;
  6. decreasing the energy consumption of the distillation system.

delayed coking

additive for increasing liquid yield

ns-960 series

it can increase liquid yield by 1~3%, improve the coke quality, obviously reduce the volatile content of the coke, and prolong the operation cycle of furnace tube.

coke inhibitor

ns-970 series

it can prevent oil product from coking on the surface of furnace tube, increasing the heat transfer efficiency, decreasing the energy consumption and prolong the operation period of equipments.

low-silicon defoaming agent

ns-9080 series

it is composed of multiple active components, and is specially used to eliminate the foam forming in the raw materials of delayed coking unit in the process of oil cracking.

defoaming agent

ns-9090 series

used to eliminate the foam forming in the raw materials of delayed coking unit in the process of oil cracking. it can also be used in the cleaning of metal surface, papermaking process and other numerous processes.

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