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application unit



applicaiton performance

hydrogenation unit

scale inhibitor

ns-160 series

it can effectively inhibit the scale formation in hydro-cracking, residue hydro-treating and hydrogenation of the oil feedstock system, inhibiting the corrosion to metal, without harmful effect on the equipment and raw material system.

scale inhibitor

ns-1610 series

be added with the scrubbing water and injected in the front of high-pressure air cooler, it could effectively reduce the scale formation, inhibiting the equipment corrosion, prolonging the operation period and life time of the system equipment and pipe, improving the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchangers, and decreasing the unit energy consumption.

corrosion inhibitor

ns-7060 series

be used for


ns-830 series

demulsifier for waxy oil refining is used for fast separation of water-oil and can thoroughly solve the problems of emulsification of the waxy oil after refining.

ethylene cracker unit

coke inhibitor


it can effectively inhibit the scale formation in the furnace tube of ethylene cracker unit, which can prolong the operation period of the ethylene cracker unit.

dimethyl disulfide


continuously injected as a sulfur carrier in

viscosity reducing agent for quench oil


it has excellent property of inhibiting polymerization and dispersion, which can effectively inhibit the

zation inhibitor


it meets many performance requirements of antioxidant,

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