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auxiliary products


application performance

atmospheric and

scale inhibitor

ns-150 series

it can effectively prevent the formation of scale in vacuum residue distillation system and the corrosion to metal. long term application of the product ensures the long period operation of heat exchange system for residue oil.

desalting agent

ns-710 series

it is used to remove metals like na, ca, mg, fe, etc.

heavy metal removing reagent

ns-720 series

it is used to remove heavy metals like v, ni etc, in crude oil.

distillation intensifying agent

ns-950 series

it is used in vaccum distillation system. the product has high activity, good dispersancy and a good polymerization inhibiting property. the product can raise the yield of light gasoline of 0.5~3%.

neutralization and corrosion inhibitor

ns-1010 series

it is used to inhibit corrosion of tower top system in processing high sulfur-containing crude oil

corrosion inhibitor

ns-7010 series

it is used to prevent gaseous phase corrosion of overhead system, and has good water solubility and high corrosion inhibiting efficiency.

oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor

ns-7020 series

it is used to process all kinds of crude oil, preventing corrosion of the overhead condensation and cooling system of atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit


ns-7030 series

it is used to neutralize the acidic compounds in the overhead system of tower in the process for high sulfur-containing crude oil and inhibit the corrosion caused by acidic compounds.

high temperature corrosion inhibitor


it is used to inhibit corrosion resulting from the naphthenic acid in the high temperature process for crude oil.

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